Saturday, November 21, 2009

Henry and the hand ball

The game was played on Wednesday. There was no live telecast I could find. I was out whole evening after work. I knew there was going to be a delayed broadcast on Thursday which I have programmed my Tivo to record, and I had planned to watch the game as a live game. As a result, I did not try to find out who had qualified. Then I logged on to Facebook on Thursday. First I saw a comment from a friend, whom, to my knowledge has never care about football. His wedding banquet was held during the World Cup final. Well, his comment was something along the line of "Fifa, shame on you...". Then I saw a comment from another friend who's a die hard Brazilian fan. His comment was that Henry should have stopped playing after winning the World Cup in '98, and remain a legend. Obviously he hasn't seen Henry played since '98. I didn't know who Thierry Henry was in '98, but I am sure he wasn't one of the key player back then. But I can tell my friend wasn't a fan of any French player, after the lost of Brazilian team in the final.

Enough said about others' comments. Without trying to find out what had happened, I went straight to my Tivo and try to watch the game. Unfortunately I had programmed it to record a delayed broadcast that had not taken place. I missed one that was on earlier in the day. So, with no patience left, I decided to forgo the potential excitement of watching the game, and went straight to Fox Soccer Report. And I wasn't too surprised Henry is in the head line. Anyone who watch Fox Soccer Report knows how they report result of soccer match. They don't usually tell you the final result but walk you through the highlights. First it was Robbie Keane that scored, getting the away goal. Then a one to one situation from another Ireland's player with the French's goal keeper but the shot was saved by the keeper. An Irish goal would means France have to score at least twice in return.

Then a long pass to the Irish penalty area; a baseline rescue by Henry and then a pass to the center of the goal, followed by Gallas's header secure a place in the World Cup for the French.
I am relief.

However the story didn't end there.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This week at Serie A, Ronaldinho finally got to played his 90 minutes, and why wouldn't he? There is never a doubt that he is still not over his peak, and he was able to show in the past few matches. But this week past weekend, it seemed he is ready for his come back.

Besides the two perfect assists, he also created many changes which was not finished by the strickers. His passes were not just accurate, but could come out of the blue. The control and power of his right foot is second to none.

It's such a joy to see him be himself again, and to see his smile, and his teeth (that's how my wife identifies him! :) )

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This morning, the unannounced power outage came back just in time for me to watch the first match of Emirates Cup, between Arsenal and Athelico Madrid. There has not been much activities this summer in the transfer market for Arsenal. The biggest news have been Adebayor leaving, going somewhere, and the latest, Kolo Toure going to Man City.

I am so glad this game came on Gol TV. After watching few matches on ESPN this week, I am kind of sick of ESPN commentators, and also Alexis Lalas.

There were few questions asked about replacement for Adebayor, and if it is needed. By then, the decision to sell Adebayor has been well received widely by the gooners. However the question of whether a replacement is needed has received differently.

In the first half, nothing much seems to have changed from the last season, especially those games where both Fabregas and Adebayor weren't playing. In the back, Traore seems to fit in his left wings role very well that I don't miss Clichy a bit. The passing was good but it always come short when the ball is crossed from either side. Eboue seems a lot more confident but without vision. When it's time for him to provide the pass to the sticker he always comes short.

Bendtner is still his old self. I wrote sometimes back that Wenger was going to sell him but at this moment I am wrong. But I still hope there is someone who will make an offer for him. He is simple a weak link that for some reason kept being played.

The second half of the game got me so excited. The three young players that came in played like there were veterans. Wilshere is such a joy to watch. He doesn't seems like a players that likes to dribble, but his few moves amazed me. Under presure, he kept coming out of moves that decieved the experience defenders from Athelico.

When the three veterans, Fabregas, Eduardo and Ashavin came in, I got a adenerin rush. From Wenger's earlier reaction, I can tell he was really serious about this game and wanted very much to win it. And for me why not? Well the game dragged on to 85th minute and the score was broken. And within the last five minutes, three goals were scored. They were all great goals but the last one from Ashavin really earned my awe and respect for him. Not only did he tried his very best to get the touch from the long pass, he chased the ball till the line to deliver the goal in an almost impossible angle.

No doubt this is the best team in EPL, who played the most entertaining football. I just hope they can bring some reinforcement in the defence that they won't give up cheap goals like what they gave away today, after scoring the first in the last five minutes. The coming EPL season will be an exciting one.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christiano and Kaka, and Benzema

Christiano and Kaka in the same team, and then Benzema. A team that I used to like until I discover Barcelona. How am I going to watch La Liga this season?

Well, I guess I will have to support Kaka only when he plays for Brazil and Benzema when he plays for France. And the rest of the time, it's going to be Henry and Messi. They can certainly do it again this year. But I don't mind watching big names playing in the league this coming season.


Ever since Newcastle got relegated, I have been hoping Wenger would grab the chance to get Owen over, possible for a small sum of money. It's true Owen hasn't been himself for the last few seasons, even since he left Madrid. But if it weren't because of his injury, and his wrong decision to go to Newcastle, he would be a much better off football player now.

When Man U surprised everybody by signing him, I see a lot of questions from Man U fan. But to me, this is a disappointment as far as Arsenal is concern. Sir Alex is not the smartest around, but he can't be that wrong. I wish Owen all the best to return to his old form, and re join the national squad. And I envy those in Malaysia who get to see him playing for Man U first.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Bendtner again.

Last time I ended asking about Eboue. Before I get to Eboue, I just have to write about Bendtner again. No, it's not about the 4 golden chances he managed to miss today. It's actually about Wenger.

I was quite un happy as usual to see Bendtner in the starting line up again, especially when he is the lone striker. Eduardo is said to be injured while van Persie and Vela on the bench. No surprise to me, Bendtner is just as clumsy as he always is. He manage to make a few good passes, but who wouldn't when the opponent is playing that badly in defense. Then it came to the second half. Bolton basically just broke down and gave up. Times after times, Bendtner was give chances to score. If it has been the like of Eduardo or Eto'o, most of them could have been converted to goal. But Bendtner was simply in a different world. He was missing his goal scoring opportunities to the point the fans could not take it anymore. What would any coach do at this point in time? It's a no brainer that he be taken out right away because it's simply not his day.

So, I never managed to finish this post in March. Now it is July and it seems what I wanted to write haven't really come through. I was going to predict Wenger selling Bendtner for an amount more than winning a trophy would get him. Let's see what happen in the next few weeks.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finally a goal for Arsenal

Arsenal finally won this week in the league (Tuesday), and I missed the game!
Well, my tivo was going to record it from Setanta Extra but after I accidentally deleted it, it wouldn't let me add it again.

And the person who scored twice was the one I've been hoping Wenger would keep in the spectator seat. The report said it's his new green shoes! Yes, he doesn't even need much energy. The ball just rolled into the net. It must really be his New Green Shoes!

Over the last few months, I sometimes told myself, just gently that Wenger is doing something special that no other manager in the World would do. He is giving chance to a yongster that would implant in him so deeply that he would be forever grateful for this master. Bendtner would not earn any opportunity like this any where else, to build his confidence the way he has gained in the previous month. Not that he is one lack of confidence but over confidence without the skills won't get anyone anywhere. But at this moment in time, something is coming out from him.

Yes, I want to throw my shoes (unfortunately I don't have any pink ones) at the TV when I see Bendtner in the starting lineup, or coming out to replace Vela. I still wish to see Vela more. But getting the results is more important than anything else at this stage. So, a 3-1 win in the midweek is a good thing.

Now, what about Eboue?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Arsene to Real


This week it's all about KAKA' . Or was it Obama?

Surely nobody is going to pay $145 millions for Obama, and you can bet the Abhudabi guys won't fancy for Obama's service. Enough said about the president in this blog.

The day before AC Milan's announcement, I told my wife he is not going to go to City. Would he had gone to Man U for the same amount of money? I would say no too.

Kaka is currently one of the highest paid football player in the World. But the offer from City is said to be way more than what he receives from his current club. If he agreed to the transfer deal, he would become the highest profile player again.

I was so confidence that no amount of money would have made Kaka go, unless his club really wants him to (for the transfer fee). I am not saying that he would never leave AC Milan, nor he would never leave by the end of the month. But he is a man of character, and a true follower of Christ. To make a move such as this, and labeled as for money is unthinkable for him to take. In fact, if another big club, such as Arsenal have made a bid for far less the money, I think the chance for him moving would be greater. That way, he could still enjoy the high pay, playing at a big club, and free himself from any negative publicity that he may attract.

Haven't anyone forget about his statement saying he is going to be a missionary after his footballing career? I have no doubt he is every bit serious about that. And what could have been a better opportunity like this to give testiment in the future.

Parents, listen up. If you want to find a good role model from the sport world, go no other place. Get your sons and daughters to watch Kaka. Not only is he one of the best football player, he is also one of the best behaved player both on and off the field.