Friday, January 23, 2009


This week it's all about KAKA' . Or was it Obama?

Surely nobody is going to pay $145 millions for Obama, and you can bet the Abhudabi guys won't fancy for Obama's service. Enough said about the president in this blog.

The day before AC Milan's announcement, I told my wife he is not going to go to City. Would he had gone to Man U for the same amount of money? I would say no too.

Kaka is currently one of the highest paid football player in the World. But the offer from City is said to be way more than what he receives from his current club. If he agreed to the transfer deal, he would become the highest profile player again.

I was so confidence that no amount of money would have made Kaka go, unless his club really wants him to (for the transfer fee). I am not saying that he would never leave AC Milan, nor he would never leave by the end of the month. But he is a man of character, and a true follower of Christ. To make a move such as this, and labeled as for money is unthinkable for him to take. In fact, if another big club, such as Arsenal have made a bid for far less the money, I think the chance for him moving would be greater. That way, he could still enjoy the high pay, playing at a big club, and free himself from any negative publicity that he may attract.

Haven't anyone forget about his statement saying he is going to be a missionary after his footballing career? I have no doubt he is every bit serious about that. And what could have been a better opportunity like this to give testiment in the future.

Parents, listen up. If you want to find a good role model from the sport world, go no other place. Get your sons and daughters to watch Kaka. Not only is he one of the best football player, he is also one of the best behaved player both on and off the field.

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