Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finally a goal for Arsenal

Arsenal finally won this week in the league (Tuesday), and I missed the game!
Well, my tivo was going to record it from Setanta Extra but after I accidentally deleted it, it wouldn't let me add it again.

And the person who scored twice was the one I've been hoping Wenger would keep in the spectator seat. The report said it's his new green shoes! Yes, he doesn't even need much energy. The ball just rolled into the net. It must really be his New Green Shoes!

Over the last few months, I sometimes told myself, just gently that Wenger is doing something special that no other manager in the World would do. He is giving chance to a yongster that would implant in him so deeply that he would be forever grateful for this master. Bendtner would not earn any opportunity like this any where else, to build his confidence the way he has gained in the previous month. Not that he is one lack of confidence but over confidence without the skills won't get anyone anywhere. But at this moment in time, something is coming out from him.

Yes, I want to throw my shoes (unfortunately I don't have any pink ones) at the TV when I see Bendtner in the starting lineup, or coming out to replace Vela. I still wish to see Vela more. But getting the results is more important than anything else at this stage. So, a 3-1 win in the midweek is a good thing.

Now, what about Eboue?

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