Thursday, February 28, 2013

When Vilanova took over FC Barcelona this season, and went on a record breaking stretch in La Liga, many people probably credit that to the team more then the manager. He has "inherited" the greatest football team in the recent history which is often said. But after the lost to AC Milan, and then Real Madrid and the upset against Real Sociedad, it is slowly felt how important this man is to the team. The team great performance during the first half of the season was no accident. He has made changes but his changes won't be as obvious as those made by Guardiola. His task is ever greater because everybody is studying how to beat this team. Some may succeed once in a while, but still no body can beat them playing their own games, including the one this past Wednesday.

Let's hope he regain his health completely and rejoin the team in the near future. Let's see how FC Barca come back against Real Madrid this coming Sunday. Vilanova will unlikely be staying with this team next season for health reason. But I wish his legacy will be recognized, through trophies and many many great moments we see during the season.

Two years later, Arsene's still there, doing the same thing, trying very hard to get his team into the top four of the EPL.

Just watched this interview by Carzola a moment ago. Is there a big disconnect of big number of fans

and the player themselves? While watching him, I can't stop thinking what was actually going through in his mind while trying to give some good answers in front of the camera. Has he joined a wrong club which only consolation in February is the chance to get into the Champions League again the next season? Or perhaps he is still motivated at this point because some other EPL club like Man City might actually offer him a higher salary and a bigger chance of winning something next year. Regardless, I don't doubt a bit that most players are motivated to do their jobs as good as they can. Otherwise, the players from 18 of the 20 clubs would probably be trying to kill time since they no long have any hope of winning the league.

Without any trophy to aim for, this actually make watching an Arsenal game an enjoyable one. The coming derby match on Sunday against the Spurs is an exciting one, not just because they are the neighbor, but they are actually one spot on top, sitting in that 4th seats.

Well, let's enjoy the game!