Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Bendtner again.

Last time I ended asking about Eboue. Before I get to Eboue, I just have to write about Bendtner again. No, it's not about the 4 golden chances he managed to miss today. It's actually about Wenger.

I was quite un happy as usual to see Bendtner in the starting line up again, especially when he is the lone striker. Eduardo is said to be injured while van Persie and Vela on the bench. No surprise to me, Bendtner is just as clumsy as he always is. He manage to make a few good passes, but who wouldn't when the opponent is playing that badly in defense. Then it came to the second half. Bolton basically just broke down and gave up. Times after times, Bendtner was give chances to score. If it has been the like of Eduardo or Eto'o, most of them could have been converted to goal. But Bendtner was simply in a different world. He was missing his goal scoring opportunities to the point the fans could not take it anymore. What would any coach do at this point in time? It's a no brainer that he be taken out right away because it's simply not his day.

So, I never managed to finish this post in March. Now it is July and it seems what I wanted to write haven't really come through. I was going to predict Wenger selling Bendtner for an amount more than winning a trophy would get him. Let's see what happen in the next few weeks.

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