Sunday, August 2, 2009

This morning, the unannounced power outage came back just in time for me to watch the first match of Emirates Cup, between Arsenal and Athelico Madrid. There has not been much activities this summer in the transfer market for Arsenal. The biggest news have been Adebayor leaving, going somewhere, and the latest, Kolo Toure going to Man City.

I am so glad this game came on Gol TV. After watching few matches on ESPN this week, I am kind of sick of ESPN commentators, and also Alexis Lalas.

There were few questions asked about replacement for Adebayor, and if it is needed. By then, the decision to sell Adebayor has been well received widely by the gooners. However the question of whether a replacement is needed has received differently.

In the first half, nothing much seems to have changed from the last season, especially those games where both Fabregas and Adebayor weren't playing. In the back, Traore seems to fit in his left wings role very well that I don't miss Clichy a bit. The passing was good but it always come short when the ball is crossed from either side. Eboue seems a lot more confident but without vision. When it's time for him to provide the pass to the sticker he always comes short.

Bendtner is still his old self. I wrote sometimes back that Wenger was going to sell him but at this moment I am wrong. But I still hope there is someone who will make an offer for him. He is simple a weak link that for some reason kept being played.

The second half of the game got me so excited. The three young players that came in played like there were veterans. Wilshere is such a joy to watch. He doesn't seems like a players that likes to dribble, but his few moves amazed me. Under presure, he kept coming out of moves that decieved the experience defenders from Athelico.

When the three veterans, Fabregas, Eduardo and Ashavin came in, I got a adenerin rush. From Wenger's earlier reaction, I can tell he was really serious about this game and wanted very much to win it. And for me why not? Well the game dragged on to 85th minute and the score was broken. And within the last five minutes, three goals were scored. They were all great goals but the last one from Ashavin really earned my awe and respect for him. Not only did he tried his very best to get the touch from the long pass, he chased the ball till the line to deliver the goal in an almost impossible angle.

No doubt this is the best team in EPL, who played the most entertaining football. I just hope they can bring some reinforcement in the defence that they won't give up cheap goals like what they gave away today, after scoring the first in the last five minutes. The coming EPL season will be an exciting one.

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