Sunday, June 29, 2008


Congratulations to the Spanish team!

Today, a team I rooted for finally won a trophy, and a huge one! I am really trying to enjoy the moment but somehow I am not getting it.

It's not the first time I watch a live game alone. Once a while I would yell very loud one a goal is scored. But today, there was only 1 goal, and it's not like it was coming from behind.

I think as long as it is an European tournament, or a tournament held in the Europe or the Americas, the situation will not change. What I meant is to watch a final in the morning or afternoon. After the game, the trophy ceremony, there is a long day left, and we are off doing something else. It's not like we can go on the street and parade. There is no one else to talk about the game too.

Back when I was at home, I used to stayed up for games starting at 2am or 4am. Then when my team won, I was always so excited and cannot go back to sleep. Lying on bed, I would try replaying all the great moments in my mind. If my team were to loose, then it's at least a week long mourning.

Yes, we are out of luck in the US when it comes to soccer. For every other sports, most of the final goes into late night, or at least pass TV prime time. Then people can really start to close the day with the joy.

Well, I am going out now to meet with some friends. Hopefully we will come to consensus to get some Spanish food. Or perhaps not because I am afraid to find a dead quite atmosphere in a Spanish restaurant.

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