Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ruud Van Nistelrooy

Yes, I didn't even have to look up his name using Google search. But I still have some problem with Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink. Oh well, I am so glad to see Ruud leading the Dutch team up front again.

I was never a fan of Ruud, mostly because he played for Man United. But I have never doubted his ability to score. In '06 when Marco van Bastan grounded him for the game versus Portugal, I was kind of disappointed. Portugal was such a flat team and the Dutch should taken advantage of it. I don't remember much about that game but I do recall it was one of the most entertaining game.

But yesterday, the wonderful Dutch football we saw in 1988, when Marco himself was playing along the legend Ruud Gullit, resurrected. What a wonderful and entertaining game to watch, especially when the looser in this match was the World Cup holder Italy. Ruud v. N. has shown how deadly he can be, and how much threat he can give merely by his presence. So far, I haven't seen anyone as effective as he is, including Christiano Ronaldo.

Let's hope they can grow as the tournament progresses. Let's hope beautiful football can prevail this time.

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