Saturday, June 21, 2008

In response to this post about football contracts:

Flamini left Arsenal after his contract has ended. He has become famous after being played at Arsenal filling in other people absence but most players who played for Arsenal in the last few years have become famous, regardless of how well they play. Just look at Helb and Rosicky. They are pretty good players but if they were not playing at Arsenal, no one would pay high price for them. They are just not good enough to make huge difference in smaller club and less successful clubs.

Another example is Gilberto Silva. Even though he wasn't played often last season at Arsenal, he is still in the Brazillian National team. Where is Edu now? When Edu was at Arsenal, he at least got some chances to play, at the Copa America, and there were even talks he would switch Citizenship and played for England. Now he is hardly mentioned anymore. There are many good defensive midfielders who would serve Brazillian team well, but from the inclusion of Giberto Silva now, and Edu at some point in the past, you can tell how respected is Arsenal, and Arsene Wenger.

As for Flamini, this is his chance to get more money, and to play for a different big team. No one should blame him because he has served his contract term. He now is not going to play in Champions League, and lost his chance to play in Euro '08. I am wondering if he has regretted his decision. I wonder after a year, if any non AC Milan fan would still remember who Flamini is.

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