Sunday, June 29, 2008


You can't find an article about the Spanish Euro '08 team that doesn't mention Cesc Frabregas. Whether it is about the game winning penalty he took against the Italian, or the two assists that helped Spain advanced to a major final in 40 years.

Well, I think Cesc has shown the world how, at his young age, has grown to become one of the greatest footballer, and athelete in the World.

Cesc doesn't has the flare of Christiono Ronaldo, or even the celebrity status of many of his teammates who plays at Real Madrid or Barcelona. He is not the one that is expected to score, like David Villa or Fernando Torres. He is not the hot commudity like Russian Ashevin.

But quietly this year, Cesc was elected the young player of the year in the EPL. He is probably the MVP of Arsenal. Without him, his team would not have gone so far in the league, and yet he did it quietly, without many people even notice. You would notice how important he is when he is absense.

Time after time he has been linked to big Spanish clubs. He has politely and firmly rejected their lucrative offers. He could easily have created head line news just like someone else who is doing right at this moment. But he didn't. Instead he is firm about his objective, and how he wants to improve his game despite he is already one of the best midfield player in the World. And he is rewarded by becoming one of the highest paid in Arsenal.

Would Aragones starts Cesc in the Final today? Does he deserve in the starting eleven? Sure he deserve it. But it really doesn't matter how and when he enter the game. I am sure Aragones know what is best. And as for Cesc, he has already won the heart of many, as one of the best in this tournament. If Spain lift the cup later today, which I think they would, Cesc deserve to be the player of the tournament, not merely base on his on the field performance, but his humility, team spirity and characters.

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