Sunday, November 28, 2010

No Fabregas, a blessing?

I heard Bobby McMahon said something about not having Fabregas as a blessing for Arsenal. No doubt from the last couple of games, we have seen Fabregas loosing his form. And last week, he uncharacteristically raise his hand to block a free kick resulted in a penalty that contributed to Spur's comeback.

Arsenal's way of playing has been what we used to see. The passing has been slow, and one touch passing is rare. Many people compares Arsenal to Barcelona. We can't really tell how well Barcelona can play in the premier league, and if Arsenal is placed in La Liga, if they can dominate all other teams. I am pretty certain Arsene doesn't try to emulate how Barcelona plays. It is not possible. The type of players he has just doesn't allow him to play the type of game. However, I do believe there is still enough quality in Arsenal players to play as good as the 03/04 season, and defeat any other team in the EPL.

Let's hope that with or without Fabregas, they can keep their consistency. Today's win against Aston Villa is a good start, but they could have scored or at least try to score 2 to 3 more goals. But the shots never came, and that means the goals would never have come.

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