Sunday, August 22, 2010

A new decade

The first decade of the 21st century saw Arsenal flew sky high, to a point they were called the Invincible after they won the league without loosing a game. It was also when I started watching English league again and fall in love with this team, Theirry Henry and Arsene Wenger.

Sometimes when I watch teams who have not won anything for years, and yet their stadium packed with supporters wearing their teams jerseys, I wonder how does it feels like. And I don't quite understand how any of the Championship or lower divisions' teams could attract any supporters. Perhaps most of them would have another one of the top 5 teams they support at the same time?

For me, at least I can comprehend the idea of liking and supporting a team which has never won anything for the last 5 years. They have come close, at lease a couple of times but ended up in the loosing end. But it really does not matter. Arsenal's football is still intriguing. Arsene's signing each of the transfer period is full of mystery. If you don't watch the other smaller leagues, particularly the French League 1, you would have no idea where these new players came from. Even Theirry Henry was grabbed from Monaco! How about Sagna, Clichy and a few others who came to stardom, left and disappear from the screen all together.

Today, I watched the 2nd round of the 2010/11 season where Arsenal met the new comer Blackpool. Everyone has dismissed Blackpool having any chance to survive in the Premier League this year. However they shocked everyone by beating Wigan 4 nil last week. Seeing Arsenal's record against lower ranking teams last year, there is just nothing sure about this game.

After 90 minutes, I came to realized it has not been an easy game. There were quite a few misses, especially the one by Chamakh in front of the goal. Against 10 much less experienced players, it was a comfortable win but the team has not shown too much eagerness of getting more goals, and taking advantage of the situation. I thought when Van Persie and Fabregas came on, they would take the game to a new level. Instead the game just slowed down. Eventually they did score again but it was only because of Chemakh who was trying so very hard to get his first goal for the club. Few hours later we would find out Chelsea also scored 6 goals against Wigan, and suddenly Arsenal is 5 goals and 2 points behind Chelsea.

Let's hope the team will continue to grow as the season progress. Not to forger Arsenal also beaten a much stronger Everton 6-0 on the opening day last year but that led to no where. Each game in the future has to be treated like a final one off match.

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