Sunday, May 18, 2008

The End of another Season?

When it comes to May, at the end of the European clubs season, it's usually quite hard to bear for any soccer fanatics. Three months of football-less weekends are torturing. Fortunately every other year, we have either the World Cup, or the European Cup which we can look forward to. The Olympics might be an interesting seeing there are so world class under-23 players this year.

But this is 2008, a year going to be remembered as one of the most bizarre, most unexpected, and most entertaining and most heart breaking in this decade.

The off season this year is going to be filled with speculations, expectations and anticipation unlike any others.

AC Milan

I don't even know where t start. This morning, the Serie-A was decided by a convincing Inter Milan win. This wasn't really the big story as Inter has been leading all the way this year, and although it seems like they have slipped lately, they were in control of their destiny. But what about AC Milan. Given so may chances to over take Florentina in the second half of the season, they just blew it. It's quite difficult to imagine a Champions League year without Milan. What a shame.

Matthew Flamini
Now if you were Matthew Flamini, would you want to play with a top English club which made you famous, with changes to pick up the Champions League title in the new year, or slightly better pay, but risk loosing starting at every games, and no chance to even play a Champions Leaguge game? I hope by the end of the next season, he is not merely just another Serie-A player. Matthew who?

Barcelona gave another good display today, though the game meant nothing to them in term of the league table. Ancelotti won the cup last season, but failed to even make the 4th this year, and supposedly still has his job. Rijkaard won the cup two years ago, nearly lost the league last year with the same point, but inferior head-to-head to the leader, and come in 3rd this year. No where as bad but he was asked to go before the end of the season. Let's hope he find a great club to call it home next year.

But the biggest and troubling news has yet to come from the neu camp. It is believe half of the squad will be gone come September. A new couch with a team that is half rookies?

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